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“One week. I miss you so much.” I grinned at the text from my boyfriend, Andrew. He was on tour currently, but would be back a week before Christmas to spend the holidays with me. I was beyond excited to see Andy. “I miss you so much more, Andy. What time are you coming in again?” “9 in the morning. Bright and early, ready to be with you.” “I’ll be there, waiting for my love. :3 how’s the end of tour? Only four shows left!” “These guys are getting on my last nerves! But that’s how it is all the time at the end of tour.” “Aw. Even Alex?” Alex was my little baby, I loved him to death and I would stick up for him when the boys would mess with him. Andy thought I loved Alex more than him sometimes, but I think that was completely impossible. “Yes, even Alex. He’s so messy sometimes!” “Look who’s talking!” “That was cold, baby. Just, no—don’t talk to me any longer. ;)” “Just playing! Jeeez, Andy. Mike?”
“One word. Esmée. I know it’s been a year or whatever, but, gosh!” “…..thank you for telling me that, Andrew. I’ve waited my whole life to hear what Mike and Esmée do.” “Shut up with your sarcasm.” “You know you love it.” “Actually, I do(: Gosh, I miss you.” “I miss you too. You’re my Christmas present, right?” “I have something to add to it, but sure.” “Excited! Wanna give me a hint?” “Nope. Except that you're gonna love it.” “Are you sure?” “Very much so(:” “So what's the schedule for tomorrow?” “Interview with the local news, performance, meet and greet, and then show.” “Sounds good! I should let you sleep.” “No, I'd rather stay up and talk to you.” “Depends. What time are you waking up tomorrow?” “Six.” “Ehh, okay. :P what did you guys do after the early show today?” “We were really hyper, so we hung out in Alex's room. Had a few drinks, ate, played Guitar Hero; normal stuff.” “Sounds like fun. I miss after parties.” “I miss having you there! I have no one to dance with!” “Aw. What do you do?” “DJ. It's okay for now, I just miss dancing with you.” “Dance with Alex, he'll dance with you(:” “Oh yeah he will. Haha.” “:3 have i told you i missed you?” “Not in the last 10 minutes, no(:” “I miss you. A whole lot. I miss your arms wrapped around me, I miss your lips against mine; I miss a lot about you.” “I love you <3 and miss you too. I miss your sweet kiss and your fingers intertwined with mine(:” I yawned and looked at the clock. 11. Wow, I had been texting Andy for a long time. “I'm sleepy. Sing to me before I go to bed?” “Skype.”
I ran to my room, lying under the covers and opening my laptop. I saw Andy and grinned, biting my lip. “Hi.” “Hey there.” He blew me a kiss and grabbed his keyboard, starting off.
“Andy!” I squealed, running into his arms. My lips pressed to his lightly. “Hey baby! Gosh, I missed you so much.” “Me too, so much,” He kissed me again, “Let's go. This place is so crowded.” I nodded and grabbed his bass for him. “I'm glad you stopped off at your actual house before coming here. I didn't want like 20 bags between the two of us, plus two basses!” “Yeah. Perfect. Just my bass and two bags. Have you started packing for New Years?” “Nah. You know me!” “Yeah, I shouldn't have expected that. I'm really excited for the holidays. Christmas in Chicago then New Year in L.A for the biggest party ever!” “I’m excited, too. This will be the best Christmas ever.” I said. Andy grinned, intertwining his fingers with mine. “It sure will.”
We drove downtown, talking and jamming out to music on the way there. “Flat top?” He confirmed. “Definitely.” We found parking and got seated. “I miss Chicago so much when I'm gone.” Andy grinned. “You say it like you grew up here! I can say that, I grew up here.” “Well too bad.” He stuck his tongue out at me. “Come on, let's go get some food.” I got up with him. “I hated that Chicago was like one of the first tour stops.” I noted. “Me too!” “It's like, I see you, tour for a little, you come back for two days, and then tour for a long time!” “Yeah. But we're gonna take a break, Jonas gave the okay for the new record.” “Awesome!” I grinned, “When are you guys starting?” “Right after the new year. The Jonas boys are working on another album too, so we'll be helping each other out, getting them done as soon as possible.” “That's so cool! I'm so excited for you.” He grinned. We got to the end of the line and put our food on the counter, heading back to the table.
I pulled out my phone and took a picture of Andy. “Look who's back! I missed this boy too much. Love you Andrew!” Andy grinned, seeing the picture and the tweet. He then took a picture of me, tweeting, “I missed my favorite girl. Flat Top is the best by the way! Love you too Alex.”
(Andrew's P.O.V)
After eating, Alex and I went back to her apartment. I unpacked and we watched a movie. Alex fell asleep close to the end of the movie, like always. I finished the movie, picked her up and carried her to her room. I kissed her forehead before lying her down and lying in bed next to her.
The next week was crazy. There were a million things to do before Christmas, and it was a never ending trip downtown. We finally finished on the day before Christmas Eve, and Alex and I went back to her apartment and basically collapsed on her bed. “What time are we heading out tomorrow?” I mumbled, my face against the pillow. “I think we're done.” Alex said. “Finally. Are we going to your family's house tomorrow?” “Yeah. But not until like 6ish. We can sleep all day.” “Yay. Come on, let's snuggle. I'm so tired.” She snuggled close to me, her hands running up my back. I shivered, her hands were cold. “I'm too tired to take my shirt off.” She groaned and settled for her hands in my hair. I smiled and kissed her softly before falling asleep.
“Good morning,” Alex grinned, walking into her bedroom with coffee in her hand. “Morning, baby.” I smiled, grabbing the coffee from her. “Thank you for the coffee.” “No problem.” “What do you want to do today, until we have to go over to your family's house?” I asked, looking over at her. “Don’t we have to finish wrapping?” I groaned, knowing we did. “Let's relax a little longer. It'll be wild from as soon as start wrapping until New Year.” “Sounds good.” I nodded.
No matter how many times I had been over to her uncle's house with her, it was always slightly awkward. I stayed by Alex's side most of the time. I always got a lot of questions about me, about us, about the boys and about my music. I guess they knew we were getting serious, cause they asked a lot more questions about Alex and I. I smiled my biggest smile on the inside.
“So, Andrew, you just got back from tour?” Her cousin asked. “Yeah, last week. It was a long tour too. This was the best tour so far though, we had quite a few sold out shows.” “That's good. How's tour?” “It's fun most of the time, when my idiot band mates aren't annoying the hell out of me.” I laughed. Alex scoffed, “you told me yesterday that you missed your boys.” “See, Alex, that's the thing. I miss them when they're not up my ass all the time!” I responded. We all laughed. “How is the long distance thing between you two?” I smiled weakly, this was the fourth time we were asked this question. “We make it work. Alex knew that I was going to be gone a lot on tour. When she can come with, it's great. When she can't, we make it work. It's not perfect, but it's worth it, I love her so much.” Alex looked up at me and grinned. Her cousin was called downstairs, so we got up and sat on the couch where her parents and sister was sitting, along with her aunt and her cousin. “Gosh, Andy, it gets more cheesy every time you give the damn speech.” Alex whispered in my ear. I laughed. “I thought you liked all that sappy stuff.” I noted. “I do. When I hear the same thing four times, it's just funny.” I laughed again and kissed her lips softly. “I'm thirsty. Want anything?” She asked. “Beer, please.” “Okay. Be right back.” She ran downstairs and ran back up with a beer for me and a Coke for herself.
Everyone opened presents after that, hanging around for a little. Alex and I left around 9, heading back to her apartment to sleep. We had to be over at her parents at ten.
(Alex's P.O.V)
I woke up the next morning with Andrew's lips on my forehead. “Good morning, birthday baby.” “Thanks,” I smiled, rubbing my eyes and stretching out. “Merry Christmas, also,” Andy smiled. I kissed his lips and got up. “What time is it?” “Nine.” “Okay. Let's hurry up and head out.” “Wait, wait, wait. Do you want to open the presents the boys gave you?” “Oh yeah! Let me change though. Go and meet me in the living room.” “Okay.” Andrew left the room as I changed.
“Woah!” I squealed, walking into the living room and seeing the guitar in front of me. “How the hell did you get this here without me seeing?” I asked. “It's complicated. This is from me and the guys. I still have another present for you, though. I'll give it to you later.” I smiled brightly and picked up the Gibson Les Paul, strumming it. “It's beautiful!” I hugged Andy and then picked up my phone, holding off on checking all of my birthday and Christmas messages. “Thank you so much, Mike, Jay and Alex! Love you buys and miss you <3” I texted them. I played with the guitar until Andy reminded me where we had to go, so I finished getting ready.
“Hey everyone!” I smiled, walking into my parent’s house. “Hi Alex, Andy. Happy birthday, Alex!” My mom said, kissing me on the cheek. I got a round of happy birthdays from then on. We were the last to arrive, and now we could open presents. I opened mine while my family opened the ones Andy and I got them.
“Now?” I asked Andy, looking over at him. “Yes, now. Let me go get it.” He got up and to the tree, grabbing something that was in between the branches. He sat next to me and looked slightly nervous but happy. “Alex.” He opened the box. I gasped and then squealed a little. “I love you so much. More than most people would know. I can’t describe how amazing these past 5 years have been with you. I know you love Alex and all…” He paused, laughing. I, on the other hand, was too busy bawling. “Would you marry me?” I couldn’t get out a sentence, my brain couldn’t function. I just kissed him over and over.“Yes, yes, yes, yes.” I whispered against his lips finally. All he did was smile, slipping the ring on my finger. I squealed and kissed him again.
i had it done Christmas eve eve but i've been sick. so no time to type it. and typing on the iTouch is just so much hahaha.


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this is here for all my fan-fiction.
all rated pg-13 or lower. :)

mostly jonas brothers and honor society.
the occasional gregory garbowsky (jB's bass player)?

yeah :D


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